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Pussyecoin Whitepaper


Pussyecoin take offThe idea of the Pussyecoin payment token is inspired by Dogecoin and its creation asPussyecoin potential a joke and sudden take-off to be tradeable in many cryptocurrency and fiat money pairs plus considered as potentially easily accessible and affordable payment token by many commercial users. We are one of the online merchants and potential exploiters of the cryptocurrency solutions to sell and promotePussyecoin commercial users inclusively but not only our own products, our store website is So - why not to have our own currency in this free market era? And here it is, Pussyecoin, the ticker PUSSE.

The Utility

Pussyecoin pussy The aim of launching our own tradeable payment token, this is how we see the future of the Pussyecoin, matches with the concept of the online iPljad Store as we want be a corner shop for the online merchants,Pussyecoin money token developers and online artists.Pussyecoin store We have our own small assortment of the products, the trick and parody screen locks and wallpapers for the smartphones, number of new works including PUSSENFTs based on our own thoughts and realized technically by us. We expect to attract the sellers of the goods of the same nature, the simple, PUSSEfunny and understandable applications for the smartphones or the other online goods having the same concept, to be sold with the help of our iPljad Store personnel with Pussyecoin as one of the payment tools.

The Market

We do believe that Pussyecoin helps us to have our share of the Pussyecoin take offconstantly booming online and just appearing digital art market. Pussyecoin take off

Although we do relay on the publicly available market research only, nevertheless the dynamics looks more than promising in every sense - Pussyecoin take offthe overall capitalization of the cryptocurrency market, the boom of the demand for the digital goods, the funds invested in the NFTs plus increasing total volume of the online transactions both in the virtual and traditional money terms.


The purpose of the ICO for the Pussycoine is first of all Pussyecoin take offto invite the experienced players and also the newcomers to participate in the first round of the distribution of the "new crypto joke" with the ambition to balance out - we are paraphrasing here - the recent "crypto joke" grown up now to serious adult - Dogecoin.Pussyecoin take off

We believe that the ICO of Pusseycoin helps to increase our community Pussyecoin take offto the critical number of the participants, generating the exponential interest for the Pussyecoin itself and the products marketable for it. Pussyecoin take offThe capital raised with the help of ICO has been purposed to channel for the creating the liquidity for the Pussyecoin both on the iPljad Store platform and through the listing on the cryptocurrency exchange. The successful ICO will certainly attract attention of the exchange platforms, thereby we do have our strong vision Pussyecoin take offof the criteria to choose the exchange, especially in terms of possible currency pairs available for Pussyecoin with the ticker PUSSE.

The Technology

Pussyecoin take offPussyecoin token is based on Ethereum.

The ICO Offering And The Promotion

The number of Pussyecoins been issued is limited - 1,000,000,000,000. Pussyecoin take offThe number of the tokens we are planning to offer via ICO is 200,000,000,000 Pussyecoins or 20% of the total tokens issued. Pussyecoin take off100,000,000,000 Pussyecoins or 10% of the tokens issued serves as the reserve for Pussyecoin take offthe promotion and for the additional Pussyecoins Pussyecoin take off offering in case of the increased demand. Currently the team holds 700,000,000,000 Pussyecoins which makes 70% of the tokens issued.Pussyecoin take off A team has an intention to distribute at least 200,000,000,000 tokens more to the market to satisfy the user request.Pussyecoin take off

Pussyecoin take offWe try to keep things simple and technically uncomplicated at as we believe that life can be good at the high technological level without too demanding specific knowledge. This is the reason for our simple promotional program for the ICO period:
- we offer promotional 500 Pussyecoins for every download and installation of any free iPljad products on the iPljad Store (the websites, and
Pussyecoin take off - we offer free 5000 Pussyecois for every paying customer downloading and installing the iPljad product on our iPljad Store (the websites , and
- we will auction our own NFT "iPljad One" for Pussyecoins parallel with the ICO

The Visible Roadmap

- launching the ICO of Pussyecoin (ticker PUSSE)
- the promotional Pussyecoin distribution launched simultaneously with ICO
- the promotional NFT launched parallel with ICO
- the completion of ICO and listing of Pussycoin on the exchangePussyecoin take off
- Pussyecoin is made available for purchases in iPljad Store