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You want to make money? You can, tons of it. Only thing you have to do is to click on the Pussyecoins falling from the Sky!!! Mine your own PUSSE before the Initial Coin Offering and Listing on the Exchange!!!

Pussyecoin Whitepaper

The idea of the Pussyecoin payment token is inspired by Dogecoin and its creation as a joke and sudden take-off to be tradeable in many cryptocurrency and fiat money pairs plus considered as potentially easily accessible and affordable payment token by many commercial users. We are one of the online merchants and potential users of the cryptocurrency solutions to sell and promote inclusively but not only our own products, our store website is www.burbulator.one.
So - why not to have our own currency in this free market era?
And here it is, Pussyecoin, the ticker PUSSE.

Pussyecoin Whitepaper

The Pussyecoin you have mined, as many as you wish, is collected in the Virtual Wallets attached to your email address registered with us. Please enter your email address in the registration window right below and you have an access to your mined Pussyecoins. We generate a new Virtual Wallet for you every time you visit our website to make some money by just catching it. Total amount of mined PUSSE is calculated for your registered email, regardless of the number of your Virtual Wallets. If you would like to transfer your PUSSE collected in your Virtual Wallets with us to your Ethereum Blockchain Wallet, please click on the "Collect Your Pussyecoins" button below. Please feel free to repeat the mining and collecting of the Pussyecoin as many times as you would like to. There is 1,000,000,000,000 PUSSE available. Our job is to turn it in to the real money for you.


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